Request for Quotation No. 06/2016_IRHY

Dear Sir/Madam,

We hereby solicit your quotation for the following services: Organization of didactic trainings for vulnerable young people. For detailed information on requested services, please, refer to the attached Terms of Reference.

If you are interested in submitting a quotation for this service, kindly fill in the attached quotation form along with short description of services offered (as per the requirements attached), sign/seal it and submit your application to the UN House Guards booth (address: 14 P. Adamyan Str., Yerevan) no later than 10 June, 2016 by 17:00pm. Please, upon the submission of your applications sign the registration form available at the UN Guards. 

UNFPA has adapted a zero tolerance policy on gifts and hospitality. In view of this UNFPA personnel is prohibited from accepting any gift, even of a nominal value, including drinks, meals, food products, hospitality, calendars, transportation, and any other forms of benefits. Vendors are therefore requested not to send gifts or offer hospitality to UNFPA personnel

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